Season’s Greetings!

How many homeless (especially veterans) could be gifted a month’s stay at a Trump property with the money wealthy political candidates are spending on advertising, etc? What a great Christmas present for us all.


North Rim, Grand Canyon National Park and some golden aspen on the road there. The North Rim will start shutting down for the winter soon as it gets more snow than the South Rim.

Quebec City, Canada. Niagara Falls from the Canadian side and Mt. Rushmore, South Dakota. A great trip back to Colorado after camping and playing tourist in Canada. I really lucked out weather-wise. Beautiful clear skies in Quebec City the day I was there, but overcast the next day as I drove west. Heavy rain that caused flooding on Interstate 90 in South Dakota a day or two before i drove through.

Peggy’s Cove, Nova Scotia, Canada. Tiny village southwest of Halifax. There was fog when I arrived and a hard rain during the night but I woke to sunshine. So glad I was told to visit. I planned to visit Halifax because that is where my mother’s grandparents arrived when they immigrated from Ireland. Canada has an immigration records center at Pier 21. I didn’t have enough information to find their arrival information but I can email them. They did have a page of marriage license records with my grandfather’s signature.

Camping on Prince Edward Island, Canada. The book “Anne of Green Gables” is set here and is a big part of the tourist industry. Next week Japanese Princess Takamado is visiting for ceremonies marking 90 years of relations between Japan and Canada. Also, “As International Patron of the Lucy Maud Montgomery Institute, Princess Takamado will be taking part in various events including the official opening of the new Montgomery Park and Green Gables Visitor Centre” (from a newspaper article). I was told the book is required reading in Japan.

Birthplace of author.
Lighthouse/Marconi station which received first distress signals from the Titanic.
Sunset from campgrounds.



I stopped at Bar Harbor, Maine for mid afternoon blueberry pie. The town is a big tourist destination so the streets were crowded. I enjoyed my pie and left.

Camping this week at Poland Spring campground which has a nice pool and a short walk to a lake where I think I heard a loon. The campground is near a resort built after a fellow convinced people they should drink his spring water which he claimed had “curative” powers. The water is now sold in plastic bottles by Nestle but the original spring gave out a long time ago.

Camping this week at Poland Spring campground which has a nice pool and a short walk to a lake where I think I heard a loon. The campground is near a resort built after a fellow convinced people they should drink his spring water which he claimed had “curative” powers. The water is now sold in plastic bottles by Nestle but the original spring gave out a long time ago.

An overnight to Boston with a friend was long enough to see some of the sights - the Union Oyster Bar which proclaims itself the oldest restaurant in America. (We may have been sitting at the same bar where Daniel Webster was said to enjoy their oysters.) An old cemetery, view from the edge of the Commons, Paul Revere’s statute at the Old North Church, the Italian neighborhood.


Contoocook River, New Hampshire - my friend from New Zealand is visiting her friends who retired to a lovely home on this beautiful river. We took a ride on a pontoon boat up with river with their two dogs. It must be amazing in the fall when the leaves change color.

Elk herd in the foothills above Denver, Colorado. They don’t care if they hold up traffic while junior has a snack or the moms gossip in the middle of the road. They know the cars will stop for them - no way would a car survive a collusion with these pets.

Silverton, Colorado. Surrounded by jagged peaks, Silverton was a rich silver and gold mining town in Southwest Colorado at one time. Today it is pretty quiet except when the tourists arrive on the steam engine train from Durango or by car after braving the “Million Dollar Highway” - a twisting two lane road that often hangs off the edge of the mountains. Not for the faint of heart. The coal burning train may have (probably) caused a huge wildfire last year and who knows if the Durango Silverton narrow gauge railroad will survive the lawsuits. If you think you’d enjoy the trip it is probably a good idea to go soon. If you drive you will probably enjoy several more moments of terror before ending up in Ouray which calls itself the “Switzerland of America” due to a backdrop of jagged peaks. Well worth the trip.

Neighborhood 4th of July parade in the foothills above Denver, Colorado led by the volunteer fire department. Lots of cute babies, dogs, games for the kids and my yearly hot dog for lunch. Next up - Mexican for dinner and fireworks. Happy 4th of July.

Rocky Mountain sunset from the foothills above Denver, Colorado! The baby elk, fox and deer arrived during June and there have been bear and mountain lion sightings. Robins, blue birds, humming birds, swallows and magpies- always some colorful birds around. It was cool during most of June and snow in the mountain kept the high mountain passes closed later than usual. All that snow is melting now making the creeks and rivers dangerous. Summer has definitely arrived in Colorful Colorado.

Great Sand Dunes National Park, Colorado with the snow capped Sangre de Cristo Mountains in background. Seasonal Medano Creek which experiences “surges” or waves due to water being trapped, then released behind “antidunes” or ripples of sand in the creek bed. Late May or early June a great time to go as the mosquitoes usually don’t appear until the second week of June and there is plenty of snow melt to feed the creek. Many visitors to the park enjoy sledding down the dunes or playing “beach bums” along the creek.

2019 Bolder Boulder 10 K. Lots of bands, belly dancers and even Elvis made the walk fun. There was a Memorial Day ceremony at the University of Colorado where the course finishes after wandering the streets of Boulder, Colorado. The weather was perfect - not too hot and not too cold.

It is still winter in the foothills above Denver, Colorado. Oh, wait - it was spring and the daffodils were blooming a few days ago.

Boulder, Colorado. The red rooftops are buildings on the University of Colorado Campus. The rocks leaning against the mountains west of the town are called the Flatirons. Chautauqua Park was a great place for a picnic and a hike after signing up for the Memorial Day Bolder Boulder 10K (walk).

May 10,2019
Snow in the foothills above Denver, Colorado. Last week the daffodils were blooming - today they are covered by snow. My sister says snow in May is common and that the daffodils won’t mind.

daffodils in bloom

May snow

Day trip to Colorado Springs, Colorado - Air Force Academy chapel, PikesPeak, Garden of the Gods with Camel Rock. So many interesting red sandstone formations. Great day for site seeing - found the Trianon which is now a school - built with the wife’s gold mining fortune as a copy of the Trianon in France. Drove around the grounds of the Broadmoor (an elegant old hotel at the base of the mountains). Couldn’t find the Michelle’s ice cream parlor that used to sell huge banana splits (looked it up on the internet and found out that it has been closed for some time - sad).

Easter Sunrise Service at Red Rocks natural amphitheater in the foothills above Denver, Colorado. And my tradition - cake with jelly beans.

Highway 1, California
The slow route between Southern California and the San Francisco Bay Area is worth it. At San Simeon you can usually spot some elephant seals napping on the beach and for me a stop at the Nepenthe restaurant in Big Sur is a must. Be warned that this is not where you stop for a quick, budget lunch but the views from the deck and the iconic carved wooden Phoenix are worth it to me.

Coal Mine Canyon, Arizona. A future Grand Canyon about 15 miles east of Tuba City, Arizona. I thought maybe there had been a coal mine there but I was told that it was a uranium mine so it is not a place to pick up souvenir rocks. I had been wanting to see it for some time but it is a dirt road so I waited until a friend was in town. I don’t do dirt roads by myself.

This dog from the neighborhood appears most days when I go out for a walk. I don’t pet it or feed it but it keeps me company. I do talk to it a bit - “silly dog” when it walks out into the traffic or when it teases a dog in a fenced yard. Dogs and horses roam where they want to in this small town on the Navajo Reservation.